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Luxury Tour

- Photos 
- Website 
- YouTube Video
- Google Map
- Walk Score
- Property Flyer
- 2 Panoramic Images
- Branded and unbranded
- Mortgage Calculator
- Brochure (soft copy)
 - Maps /Amenites/ Street view
- Property Information
- Photos
- Virtual Tour (sildeshow)
- Unlimited Photos
- Photos 
- YouTube Video

- Photos 
- Website 
- YouTube Video
- Google Map
- Walk Score
- Soft copy of Feature sheet


Drone Video 
Drone Photos


Condo Walkthrough 

Video Walk Through for apartment  (Up to 900 SqFt)

Agent IntRo

Video Tour

Elite Video

Add ON

Agent starts the tour with an intro of the main selling features of the property. 
A video shoot using sleek slides, pans, and tilts. 
Up to 4 Bedrooms
Extensive motion video capture for luxurious properties.
Up to 3 Bedrooms
Social MediaTeaser (30-45 sec)
Video Voice Over 

Floor Planning


1 -2 Levels

3 Levels


Drawing floor plan for up to 2 levels of the property.
 (Under 2500 SqFt)
Drawing floor plan for 3 levels of the property.
​ (Under 2500 SqFt)
Measuring room dimensions so you can save time. Dimentions will be delivered in excel format
Drawing floor plan for up to one levels of the property.
 (Under 1000 SqFt)
*For properties above 2500 SqFt., an additional $0.10 per extra SqFt will be added. Ex. 3500 SqFt. ($250+($0.10X1000DqFt) = $350
*For separate structures, an addition $50 will be added. Ex. detached garages 

3D Virtual Realty

Drawing floor plan in 3D and lets buyers actually move through a property as if they were really there.
Up to  1500 SqFt
Up to  3000 SqFt
Up to  5000 SqFt
More than 5000 SqFt
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  Virtual Staging & Real Staging

Virtual Staging is the process of placing photorealistic digital furnishings into property pictures. It helps potential buyers visualize their future home and is proven to significantly boost property appeal. 
Up to  4-8 photos
Price per photo

Up to  9-12photos
Price per photo

Up to  1-3 photos
Price per photo

* For actual staging please contact us